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  ClearType Applet
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ClearType Applet - Features

  • Activate ClearType rendering system wide (please note that depending on the device platform some programs may not respond to ClearType settings).
  • Run as a Control Panel Applet (Start > Settings > System).
  • Immediate display of selected ClearType settings.
  • Integrated soft-reset feature.
  • Compatible with all Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002 devices.
  • Full install/uninstall support.
  • Small footprint.
  • Last but not least, it's FREE!
Here's an example of what ClearType Applet can do for you:

  Word Document without ClearType   Word Document with ClearType  
Pocket Word without ClearType
Pocket Word with ClearType

  • Perceived quality of the above images may be affected by the monitor used to view this web page.
  • ClearType works best on LCD type displays, such as those used on Pocket PC devices.
  • On older Pocket PCs, Pocket Word doesn't respond to ClearType settings.
    More on ClearType

    Each pixel of your Pocket PC display is rendered by separate red, green and blue elements. These elements are not overlapped, but rather placed side by side.

    ClearType takes advantage of the spacing of RGB elements when rendering text, thus improving perceived resolution and crispness.

    Interestingly, as different Pocket PCs use displays with different chacteristics, the whole implementation of ClearType and the quality of the resulting effect may change significantly among different devices, as clearly shown below.

    HP Jornada 56x

    Compaq iPAQ 38xx

    Compaq iPAQ 36xx