Verify, repair, format and autorun compact flash cards on Pocket PC and Handheld PC devices

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Verify, Repair, Format and AutoRun your Memory Cards with Flash Format!

Flash Format: Reviews, Comments and Awards

    CE4YOU FlashFormat is a very useful utility allowing you to maintain all your memory cards.
    With the advent of higher capacity microdrives and now even compact flash devices up to 3 Gb coming on-stream, utilities like FlashFormat become a 'must have' tool.
      Flash Format reviewed by PocketPC Life I am very pleased with the performance of Flash Format. If your flash card is giving you fits of misbehavior, use this program to find out what is going on and more importantly, fix the errors.
        LudiPocket This application is useful for users who need to manage their memory cards and want to have some of their application running at start up.
        I have never been so pleased to contact a support like this giving me all the advices I need to get running this application without any trouble and understanding my requests. [...] SUPERB!
          Adrian's Rojak Pot Flash Format has many useful features that flash memory card users have long been deprived of. Its flash format feature is merely one of its many features.
          I rate its integrity check as the most important feature as it enables the user to scan for and correct any write errors to the flash memory card. This is a lot better than formatting the card every time something goes wrong. Of course, if the integrity check fails to correct the problem, you can always go back to good old reformatting!
          CNetX Flash Format is a utility everyone with a flash card should check out!
            Mi PC de Bolsillo Una aplicación muy útil para manejar las CF, y sin lugar a dudas la que recomendamos, aunque es cierto que en este terreno no tiene competidores reseñables.
            What users say...

            "A Super Program"
            I have a 1GB CF MicroDrive with a LOT of small files stored. These files really eats valuable storage space, since the cluster size was 32kb. The total space left was about 50Mb.
            After installing Flash Format and formatting using cluster size 8kb, I moved all the files back to the CF-card. The total space left now is 190Mb! That's what I call a useful utility!
            M. Johansson - Gothenburg (SE)

            "Excellent Program"
            I am completely satisfied with the program and the fast professional service of CNetX! Thanks.
            H. Stevens - Peachland (CA)

            Flash Format is a Hot Download Pick at Pocket PC Magazine!
            Flash Format is a Hot Download Pick at Pocket PC Magazine!