Verify, repair, format and autorun compact flash cards on Pocket PC and Handheld PC devices

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Product Versions and Release History

We are continuously working to improve our software: if you have any issue or suggestion related to HandyZIP, please, don't hesitate to contact our Product Support.
    ZIP compression for Windows Mobile Version 1.95 - January 17, 2009
    • The menu bar is now switchable between "Classic style" and "Softkey mode" (only on devices running Windows Mobile 5, 6 or greater).
    • Enhanced single-handed operation:
    • Left and right cursor keys provide access to the header bar popups.
    • Softkeys provide access to the View and Menu popups.
    • The title bar of the main window now shows an OK button rather than the iconize button,
    • When such OK button is pressed, HandyZIP effectively closes and unlocks the current archive, so it can be immediately renamed or deleted if so desired.
    • Improved compatibility with the latest Windows Mobile 6 devices.
    • Full support for 240x400, 480x800 and 320x320 screen resolutions.
    • On some WM6 devices the association between HandyZIP and ZIP files was not properly estabilished - FIXED.
    • On some WM6 devices the file lists were displayed using a very large font - FIXED.
    • The compression ratio column is now hidden by default.
    • Other minor improvements and optimizations.
      Version 1.91b - August 3, 2006
      This is essentialy a repackaged version of 1.91 solving an installation issue that may affect users of ActiveSync 3.8 or earlier. Only the setup logic has been modified.
      Users of ActiveSync 4.0 or greater who have already installed version 1.91 do not need to upgrade to this version of HandyZIP.
        Version 1.91 - March 6, 2006
        • Square screen support for Windows Mobile 2003/SE and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.
        • Full landscape support added to German version (Pocket PC Edition only)
        • Archived files can now be sorted by Path on Pocket PC devices (as already available on Handheld PC edition)
        • Renaming files shown at the very bottom of the screen may fail on some devices - FIXED
        • Improved compatibility with Windows Mobile 5.0:
        • Buttons in the Open / Add Files / Extract toolbars were not displayed correctly on Windows Mobile 5.0 - FIXED
        • Copying and pasting files into a ZIP archive from File Explorer didn't work on Windows Mobile 5.0 - FIXED
        • Bottom portion of Open / Add Files list was not displayed properly on Windows Mobile 5.0 - FIXED
        • When app was closed an error may occur on Windows Mobile 5.0 - FIXED
        • Binaries for the Pocket PC / ARM installation package are signed with a Mobile2Market certificate
        • Other cosmetic fixes and improvements:
        • "Progress Dialog Box" rearranged to take advantage of Landscape orientation (Pocket PC only)
        • Small squares may appear in place of user information in About screen - FIXED
        • SIP button may be displayed on startup screen and About box - FIXED
        • A compatibility warning was shown when installing on Pocket PC 2003/SE - FIXED
        • All installation packages have been signed with an updated and timestamped Authenticode certificate
          Version 1.90 - July 9, 2005
        • HIDPI / VGA support for Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition (Windows Mobile 2003 / SE).
        • Landscape support for Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition (Windows Mobile 2003 / SE).
            Version 1.88 - February 9, 2004
          • Basic compatibility with Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition (Windows Mobile 2003 / SE).
          • Various options moved to a new "Automate" sheet in "Options" Dialog Box (Pocket PC Edition only)
          • When browsing files in Explorer mode the header bar color was not correct - FIXED
          • Fix for header bar drop down menu when browsing files in Explorer mode
              Version 1.85 - July 9, 2003
            • Full compatibility with Windows Mobile 2003, WindowsCE.NET and Pocket PC 2003 devices.
            • Performance optimizations.
            • Other minor fixes and improvements.
                Version 1.81 - June 5, 2002
              • Fix for issue that may cause an empty or corrupted header bar to be displayed.
              • Improved installation and registration logic.
                  Version 1.80 - January 16, 2002
                • Enhanced "look and feel" for Pocket PC 2002 devices.
                • New command to send selected files as a ZIP email attachment.
                • ClearType support (Pocket PC Edition).
                • Improved list scrolling (Pocket PC edition).
                • Enhanced setup and installation logic.
                • File extensions were not shown according to options in the "Add Files" screen: fixed (Pocket PC Edition).
                • SIP was not visible in the "Add Files" screen: fixed (Pocket PC Edition).
                • Fix for file rename in "Add Files" screen (Pocket PC Edition).
                • Other minor fixes and improvements.
                    Version 1.72 - July 29, 2001
                  • Improved installation support for Windows 2000 and Windows NT.
                  • Direct device installation for Pocket PC users accessing our site using Pocket Internet Explorer.
                      Version 1.71 - May 9, 2001
                    • Comments were displayed regardless of the corresponding option setting (fixed).
                    • Fix for cosmetic issue on the overwrite prompt dialog box (English HPC version only).
                    • Improved memory handling and code optimizations (smaller footprint).
                    • Enhancements to setup logic when running under WinNT or Win2000.
                        Version 1.70 - April 11, 2001
                      • Extract and send files via infrared in a single pass.
                      • Automatically show comments when opening archives or when extracting files.
                      • Handling of new comment related options.
                      • Preferred sort mode now saved between sessions.
                      • Create new folder directly on extract dialog box (new for HPC Edition).
                      • New option screen for 'View preferences' (new for HPC edition).
                      • Fix for daylight saving time on file extraction.
                      • Improved Install/Uninstall program.
                      • Optimizations and reduced footprint.
                      • German version now also available!
                          Version 1.60 - March 13, 2001
                        • Full support for Japanese and other MBCS versions of Windows CE.
                        • Viewing and editing of comments at global archive level is now supported.
                        • New option to clear up recently used files.
                        • Improved screen layout for General Options (Pocket PC Edition).
                        • Improved Large and Small icon views (Pocket PC Edition).
                        • Fix for header bar when browsing files in Explorer mode (Pocket PC Edition).
                        • Updated toolbar design (HPC Edition).
                            Version 1.52 - February 24, 2001
                          • ZIP archives are now added to the system recent documents list (HPC/PRO and HPC/2000 Editions).
                          • Smaller installation footprint.
                          • Fixes to installation wizard.
                              Version 1.51 - February 21, 2001
                            • Improved setup logic.
                            • Smaller installation footprint.
                            • Various code optimizations.
                                Version 1.50 - January 31, 2001
                              • File Encryption and Decryption of ZIP archives.
                              • Improved support for file names using non-english character sets.
                              • Enhanced AutoUpdate feature.
                              • Further improvements in overall usability.
                              • Enhanced context-sensitive help.
                              • New icon design (Handheld PC version)
                                  Version 1.11 - December 15, 2000
                                • Setup fix for specific Windows NT 4.00 configurations.
                                • Fix for verification after compression during AutoUpdate.
                                    Version 1.10 - December 9, 2000
                                  • Enhanced "AutoUpdate" feature. An "Update Frequently" option is available (and active by default) to provide immediate notification of entries to be reconciled with the ZIP Archive.
                                  • Comment editing feature implemented.
                                  • Improved compatibility with ZIP archives created on the Desktop.
                                  • Automatic deletion of source files (after compression) is now provided as an option on the "Add Files" dialog box.
                                  • In specific circumstances, read-only entries extracted for viewing may be left in the "\TEMP" folder (fixed).
                                  • Some prompts may display a truncated file name (fixed).
                                  • The Help Guide for the Pocket PC edition provides a greater level of details.
                                      Version 1.07 - November 26, 2000
                                      The HandyZIP Setup Wizard was modified to allow installations targeted to different devices to coexist on the same Desktop PC.
                                      A fix was included for a problem that may occur on the Pocket PC when browsing storage card files using "Folders Mode".
                                        Version 1.06 - November 25, 2000
                                        First General Release of HandyZIP for the Pocket PC. The whole user interface was reengineered to fit the specific requirements and constraints of Pocket PC devices.
                                        Improvements to the HPC edition include:
                                      • Context Menu: tap+Alt now gives access to frequently used commands.
                                      • Help Guide: is now fully integrated in the Windows CE list of Help contents.
                                      • Sort key and sort order are now saved between sessions.
                                      • Other minor fixes and improvements.
                                          Version 1.03 - November 5, 2000
                                          HandyZIP 1.03 fixes a further compression problem specific to the HP Jornada 820 (StrongARM processor). The issue appears to be related to a bug in the implementation of a system library function for the StrongARM processor, which is recoded accordingly.
                                            Version 1.02 - October 31, 2000
                                            HandyZIP 1.02 fixes specific compression problems that may occur on specific processor/file combinations.
                                              Version 1.01 - October 30, 2000
                                              HandyZIP 1.01 provides installation support for HP Jornada 820 (StrongARM processor).
                                                Version 1.00 - October 24, 2000
                                                First General Release of HandyZIP for Handheld PCs. HandyZIP 1.00 runs on HPC 2.00, HPC/Pro and HPC 2000 devices running Windows CE 2.00 or higher. Supported processors include: ARM, MIPS, SH3 and SH4.