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Verify, Repair, Format and AutoRun your Memory Cards with Flash Format!

Flash Format: Summary of Features

Flash Format
  • Supports all ATA compliant and SD compliant memory cards, including:
  • Compact Flash cards
  • Secure Digital cards (SD cards)
  • Mini SD and Micro SD cards
  • Multimedia Cards (MMC)
  • SmartMedia cards
  • Memory Sticks
  • PCMCIA memory cards
  • large capacity MicroDrives.
  • Runs as a Control Panel applet (accessible from "Start > Settings")*
  • Automatic detection of memory card insertion and removal, so you can check, repair or format multiple memory cards easily, one after the other.
  • AutoRun feature, to automate the execution of specific files whenever a memory card is inserted (Pocket PC and Smartphone edition only).
  • Provides detailed storage and file statistics (including FAT Type, slack space, heads, cylinders, sectors, clusters, etc.).
  • Detailed verification of memory card integrity and error reporting.
  • Detects and repairs allocation errors.
  • Supports multiple memory cards simultaneously.
  • Formatting features with selection of File System and clusters size.
  • FAT Backup option, to improve storage reliability.
  • Option to create "My Documents" folder when formatting.
  • Option to automatically restore InBox Attachments folder (for Pocket PC 2000 devices).
  • Compatibility option for Digital Cameras.
  • Automatically perform integrity check after formatting.
  • Full install/uninstall support, with embedded software reset.
  • Detailed context sensitive Help (accessible via "Start > Help").
  • English and German versions available.

* Applies only to the Pocket PC and Handheld PC editions of the software.