Verify, repair, format and autorun compact flash cards on Pocket PC and Handheld PC devices

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Reviews, Comments and Awards

HandyZIP is everything handheld software should be: It takes up a minimum of space on your device, is highly compatible with the operating system, facilitates information exchanged between your handheld and your PC, is structured to provide maximum organization, and saves your precious storage space. What more could you ask for?
    This is one of those programs that you can't do without when you work with compressed files on your Pocket PC. A must have app when you get compressed zip document attachments in your email.
      This is one seriously useful program - professionally crafted and well thought out. It is fully compatible with the desktop WinZip standard, which means I can zip and email files directly from my mobile machine.
        HandyZIP has been adapted to the Pocket PC user interface so well that you may wonder if it is an integral part. Its powerful features are designed to be used intuitively - and it just works!
          If you're looking to ZIP and UNZIP files on your Pocket PC, and deal with email attachments that are zipped, this is the program you want.
            HandyZIP is a slick and easy-to-use ZIP tool for Pocket PC...
            If you're looking for a way to free up space on your digital companion, HandyZIP does it all, and does it all well.
              I would have to suggest HandyZip to just about all the people that I know that use a Pocket PC device. The ability to compress documents to save storage space is great. I no longer have to worry about putting those large spreadsheets or word documents on my device.
                HandyZIP is a vital tool for Windows CE users who move a lot of files to their handheld.
                What users say

                "Best solution"
                This program is very handy and easy to use. It supports compression, AutoUpdate and many other features. I think it is the best solution for PocketPC.
                It's a great development.
                Thanks CNetX.
                [C. Schubert - Vienna (AT)]

                "I changed over..."
                I changed over from Resco Zipper because I thought HandyZIP followed the Windows paradigm better.
                [RLW - Colorado Springs (US)]

                "This is really handy"
                It is very easy to use and organize your zip files with a couple of taps and zap goes the file. Can I recommend this program? Yes I can honestly say its worth the price for the extra space.
                [F. Cubero - New York (US)]

                "A wonderful Zip program"
                I would like to congratulate you in making such a wonderful zip program for handheld computers. I really like the features of this program, and its ease of use.
                [G. Hamilton - Boone NC (US)]