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ClearType Applet

ClearType Applet is a free Control Panel utility that helps to improve rendering of text and user interface elements on your Pocket PC. ClearType technology improves the perceived crispness and resolution of text by selectively turning on neghbouring RGB elements on the display.

ClearType Applet Although most Pocket PC 2002 devices now include an option to activate ClearType, this capability has been omitted by several popular devices, including the iPAQ 38xx and 37xx (or upgraded iPAQs).

ClearType Applet lets you activate ClearType on any Pocket PC device, it provides immediate display of selected settings, and it embeds a soft-reset option to automatically reset the device after changing ClearType mode.

ClearType Applet runs on all Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002 devices. On Pocket PC 2002 devices most user interface elements and applications are sensible to ClearType settings. On old Pocket PC 2000 devices ClearType settings affect a smaller number of programs (e.g.: Pocket Internet Explorer).

Most of our programs, such as HandyZIP and Flash Format, do respond to ClearType settings on all Pocket PC devices.

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    ClearType Applet

    February 22, 2002
    ClearType Applet 1.00 released. This FREE utility runs on all Pocket PC devices.
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