CNetX HandyZIP - essential ZIP compression for Pocket PC and Windows CE Verify, repair, format and autorun compact flash cards on Pocket PC and Handheld PC devices

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Compress your files, expand your possibilities!

Take a quick tour of HandyZIP Welcome to HandyZIP, the essential ZIP compression and decompression utility for Windows Mobile powered Pocket PC devices, and Handheld PC devices running Windows CE.

By keeping your files in compressed format HandyZIP will allow you to:

  • increase the overall storage capacity of your handheld device and memory cards;
  • save on connection times by sending compressed attachments with your e-mail;
  • view ZIP archives downloaded from the web, newsgroups, or attached to incoming e-mail.
  • encrypt sensitive information using the built-in encryption feature;
  • quickly beam compressed files to other devices;
  • speed up synchronization of compressed files from/to your Desktop PC;
  • automatically synchronize changes to your zipped files thanks to the original AutoUpdate feature.

HandyZIP is formally certified as "Designed for Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC".
Products that carry the Designed for Windows Mobile Logo have been tested and certified against Microsoft's quality standards for Windows Mobile powered devices.

HandyZIP runs on all Windows Mobile powered Pocket PC devices, as well as on Handheld PCs and devices based on the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system.

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    HandyZIP 1.95

    January 17, 2009
    The latest version includes:
  • switchable menu-bar style;
  • enhanced single-handed operation;
  • ZIP file association fix (WM6);
  • support for 240x400, 480x800 and 320x320 screens;
  • font fix for HiDPI devices running WM6;
  • and more.
  • Logo Certified

    HandyZIP has been formally tested and certified with the "Designed for Windows Mobile" logo.
    Designed for Windows Mobile

    What users say

    "A wonderful Zip program"
    I would like to congratulate you in making such a wonderful zip program for handheld computers. I really like the features of this program, and its ease of use.
    [G. Hamilton - Boone NC (US)]

    "This is really handy"
    It is very easy to use and organize your zip files with a couple of taps and zap goes the file. Can I recommend this program? Yes I can honestly say its worth the price for the extra space.
    [F. Cubero - New York (US)]