HandyZIP: the ZIP compatible compression utility for Windows Mobile powered Pocket PC, and Handheld PC devices
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The following versions of HandyZIP are available for a free 10 days evaluation or can be installed as a full licensed version after purchasing a license. When the evaluation period expires, HandyZIP will still work as an UnZIP only utility, so you can access whatever information you have stored in your ZIP archives.
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Pocket PC / Windows Mobile
  For Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone enabled devices running
Windows Mobile or Windows CE 3.0 or greater.
Handheld PC 2000 / Windows CE
  For Handheld PC 2000 (HPC 2000) devices running Windows CE 3.00 or greater.
Handheld PC Professional
  For HPC/Pro devices using ARM, MIPS, SH3 or SH4 processors and running Windows CE 2.11 or greater.

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This download can be installed either as an evaluation version or as a full registered version.
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HandyZIP 1.95

January 17, 2009
The latest version includes:
  • switchable menu-bar style;
  • enhanced single-handed operation;
  • ZIP file association fix (WM6);
  • support for 240x400, 480x800 and 320x320 screens;
  • font fix for HiDPI devices running WM6;
  • and more.
  • Designed for Windows Mobile

    What Reviewers Say

    PocketPC.com HandyZIP has been adapted to the Pocket PC user interface so well that you may wonder if it is an integral part. Its powerful features are designed to be used intuitively - and it just works!
    ZDNet If you're looking for a way to free up space on your digital companion, HandyZIP does it all, and does it all well.

    What Users Say

    "... a wonderful ZIP program."
    "... best solution for Pocket PC."
    "It is very easy to use..."
    "... a great development."